Disaster Recovery

Based in Eatontown, New Jersey, TRIDENT has tested its disaster recovery services to the limit in the 2000s. 9/11 brought the topic to the forefront and many weather and security incidents, culminating with Super Storm Sandy where our own operations were jeopardized, have helped define and refine our capabilities.

Of course, disaster recovery begins far before a crisis occurs. From the inception of our customer engagements, we map detailed plans that support client SLAs, accounting for the most minor issues and through disasters that could cripple operations indefinitely. TRIDENT’s 24x7 Customer Support Center is backed-up by a fully operational Call Center and redundant systems in Columbia, Maryland to ensure seamless switchovers at a moment’s notice. As the storm approached us in October 2012, we moved more than 50% of our dispatchers and engineers to the disaster recovery site in advance, minimizing response lag times.

In addition to guaranteeing our service availability, we can also supplement our customers’ operations during disasters, deploying team members to take over functions typically managed internally for whatever timeframe that’s needed.

Learn about TRIDENT’s disaster recovery services that reduce service disruptions to our clients’ high-availability enterprise systems.