Industries Served

Since its inception, TRIDENT has provided mission-critical support to customers in industries requiring around the clock IT infrastructure services. Our global footprint offers every client reliable maintenance and repair, spare parts logistics and equipment rental OEM Equipment Services backed-by value-added Support Solutions for their workstations, rack and stack servers, networks, and storage equipment. Although most customers are in gaming, energy, healthcare, higher education, government and financial institutions, our services cut across industries to ensure high availability regardless of industry with flexible contract terms and rates.

Energy companies, which include utility companies that generate and transmit power vital to our well-being, and those in the oil and gas process industries that produce products essential to our everyday lives, trust TRIDENT to service their process control and laboratory systems that are critical to the safe and efficient operation of their plants.

The inherent nature of Healthcare – both the equipment that saves lives as well as the network behind it – defines the nature of critical. Without availability to these systems, patient care is jeopardized. TRIDENT supports installed equipment of multiple vendors with maintenance and repair in hospitals throughout the country to ensure technology uptime around the clock.

From applications through registration and to online coursework, Higher Education, colleges, universities and vocational schools educating our future leaders, relies upon access to information and data every minute of every day. Through our network of field engineers, and with the support of our Customer Service Center, TRIDENT provides onsite and remote service to the industry.

The Government’s reliance upon reliable systems’ availability goes without saying. Not a moment of the day goes by without an agency – defense, safety, transportation, food and drug, and many others – needing to have access to critical information. TRIDENT supports multiple sites of one such federal government organization with value-added solutions such as software development, production and in-house testing sites.

As consumers, we expect that our credit and debit cards will work every time that we swipe them. On the other end of the spectrum, where equipment uptime does not seem as personal, is where Financial Institutions focus their time – buying and selling shares and cash to support their viability and economic growth. Regardless of the purpose, systems must be available 24x7 and TRIDENT helps make sure they are through spare parts logistics and IMAC among other services, often delivered within an hour.

Tell us how we can help your organization maximize uptime and installed equipment performance and costs with services that range from self-help to onsite support.