OEM Equipment Services

Installed base support begins the day an enterprise system is deployed. However, the real challenge for many who are responsible for ensuring the availability of workstations, rack and stack servers, networks and/or storage equipment starts the day the OEM’s warranty ends. It is at the completion of that period when clients are faced with expensive and complicated terms and costs to guarantee that uptime remains high for the critical technology in the operation.

TRIDENT understands this challenge and works closely with customers to remove the confusion and ensure that no surprises exist throughout the equipment lifecycle. Our customized offerings give you the option of selecting only the solutions that your organization requires with combined contract terms and rates across vendors and locations.

Services cover all major OEMs (Dell, HP, IBM and Oracle/SUN) as well as storage providers among others - and include:

These core services are enhanced by our value-added Support Solutions to provide one-stop for every OEM equipment service need.