Spare Parts Logistics

Unique to TRIDENT’s service offerings is our spare parts logistics capabilities. Like other companies supporting enterprise systems, we know that most service incidents require a part replacement. Unlike many other service providers is the way in which we fulfill that requirement. In addition to ensuring timely spares availability of pre-tested parts and advance exchange units through forward stocking in locations that are near the customer systems that we maintain and repair, TRIDENT also supports self-maintenance. We recognize that some clients have their own IT staffs for internal help desks as well as first and second level technology maintenance and repair. For those customers, we help determine which parts to stock on-site, provide annual inspections that certify their usability, and dispatch other needed spares if and as needed.

Only TRIDENT has the flexibility to offer spare parts logistics solutions that meet our customer’s unique requirements. Contact us today to learn more about OEM Equipment Services that enhance internal IT, reduce support costs by more than 30%, and increase uptime.