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We’ll help you keep things running smoothly. 

We’re built around enterprise technology availability, so we understand the risks & costs associated with downtime.

trident usa offers repair & support services

Lost revenue & damaged reputations are a result of choosing the wrong 3rd party maintenance provider.

That’s why maintenance and repair are at the core of our mission critical services, with regular, preventative maintenance inspections that are tailored to each system’s unique configuration and scheduled to minimize user operation interference. 

Our assigned engineer develops a complete understanding of customer needs and we strategically position parts and advance exchange units near customer installations with pre-tested replacement electronic assemblies to maximize first time fix rates. Trident USA also tests and certifies spares that customers select to stock on-site annually.

Of course, not all maintenance can be preventative – that’s where our remote monitoring services come into play, responding to machines that “call home” for service or provide warning signals and diagnostics for needed support. Our Customer Service Center (CSC) is on stand-by to respond to customer and equipment issues for first-line technical support and field engineer dispatch to resolve problems whenever they occur, 24×7.


Why organizations love Trident USA

Account assigned engineers

Stand-by for customer & equipment issues

Expedited call and escalation processes

Find out why Fortune 500 companies rely on Trident USA.

Financial institutions, gaming, energy, government, healthcare and higher education rely on us for around the clock maintenance and repair of their workstations, rack and stack servers, networks and storage equipment.